LCEMS Special Operations

Special Operations Coordinator:
Greg Brasington, NRP
Public Information Officer

The Special Operations Coordinator is responsible for the training and recertification of all City and County Fire Department’s first responders in Lancaster County.  Lancaster County EMS Special Operations Coordinator directs the EMS Star Team ( Specialized Tactical Advanced Response).  EMS is part of the Lancaster County STAR Team and has medics who are trained in specialized areas such as Tactical Medicine, Rehab, Search & Rescue, SWAT,High and Low Angle Rescue, and Swift Water Rescue.  Our Team responds for request for assistance from the Lancaster County Coroner, Sheriff and City and County Fire Departments.

LCEMS Training Department

Training Coordinator: Sherri H. Brady, NRP
Training Assistant:  Brian Collins, NRP
Quality Assurance Manager: Terri Faulkenberry, NRP

Lancaster County EMS medics are trained to the highest standards ensuring quality care for our patients. All certified personnel and auxiliary members attend In-Service Trainings and complete courses in Emergency Vehicle Operations, National Incident Management Courses, HAZMAT Awareness, Basic & Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Advanced Medical & Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support. The Training Department organizes, conducts, and schedules training courses, maintains training records and equipment, develops new protocols/procedures, and evaluates new employees. Our Quality Assurance Manager evaluates patient care reports daily to identify and measure the quality of medical care being provided to the citizens and visitors of Lancaster County.